Family Support

Partnerships, which support families who need it most, can be created, supported and implemented through a variety of cost effective methods. I will hold meetings with parents, students and teachers on a regular basis (during times that best fit them) to support them personally in the challenges they face. It is extremely difficult for families in crisis to be engaged when they have other concerns that take a priority to their child’s education and their involvement in it. These families should be able to do both - address needs while being supported in their child’s education.

Parent, Student & Teacher Engagement

Our children all have different learning styles and multiple intelligences. The same is true for our families. The way they are engaged shouldn’t be a one size fits all method. Regardless of the curriculum, if it is not implemented with creative, hands-on and diverse methods, then our children will not succeed. We must address student engagement with a plan that supports the student, the family and the teacher. The environment must be supportive to all and be a district wide effort, teachers cannot do it alone.

Reform and Improve Policies and Procedures

The district has some of the most complicated policies and procedures in place that are often old, and work against families, students and teachers. I will fully review and work with the board, parents, students and teachers to address outdated policies and see where we can revamp them to improve schools across the district. Policies and procedures should engage and empower our district, not work against it.